First Acadamy

Your infant will safely explore his/her surrounding in a loving, nurturing and educational environment.

One Year Olds:
Your Toddler will Focus on social skills, self control, and support for their individual needs.

Two Year Olds:
Your Two Year old will focus on letters, numbers, Spanish numbers, shapes and colors of the week. Verbal and social skills are worked on as well as independence and problem solving skills.

Preschool Program:
Your Preschool child will focus on letters, numbers, and Spanish numbers, shapes and colors. Recognition of address, phone number and writing of name and words are also introduced at this level of education.

Pre-K Program:
Your Pre-K child will focuse on everything needed to ensure that each student is prepared to enter Kindergarten with structure and a good knowledge base. Homework is sent home twice a week to work on at home with parents.

First Acadamy